TORONTO, Dec 17, 2019 – MITACS approves funding to tackle “Smart Work Zone Management” in construction through its competitive Elevate program application process. The two-year research project, which is sponsored by Lazaret Capital and Ryerson University, will support a postdoctoral fellow position under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Farooq, Canada Research Chair – Disruptive Transportation Technologies and Services.

The Smart Work Zone Management project targets the transportation, construction and information & communications technology sectors with a focus on the following research areas: Traffic flow, dynamic routing, work zone management, machine learning, traffic state prediction, simulation.

The aim of this study is to develop an integrated construction zone traffic management framework to minimize disruption of traffic and reduce its effect in terms of congestion.

This study will leverage historical and real data collected from on-board construction trucks to provide insight as to how far upstream and downstream of the work zone congestion propagates. Using such information, it is then possible to develop novel prediction models determining the impact zone for future construction site and selecting optimal work zone size as well as staging of vehicles and equipment.

In addition to the development of a prediction model, an innovative anticipatory vehicle routing algorithm will be developed that will not only help motorists avoid construction zones but also guide them to their destination. All while minimizing travel times and utilizing road networks more efficiently.

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