Building partnerships, accelerating long-term growth and driving forward on innovation.

About Us

Local Industry Expertise

Launched in 2018, Lazaret Capital is a Toronto-based private equity firm focused on technology, construction and construction-based services. Our extensive industry knowledge and long-standing relationships provide us with unparalleled insight into the unique challenges facing businesses today. We leverage our relationships to uncover emerging products, services and trends and identify attractive investment opportunities.

Investment Approach

Collaborative Partnerships

Our investment philosophy is based on the core principles of growing thriving businesses by promoting operational efficiencies and driving innovation through financial and strategic support. We target established small and medium-sized companies, as well as forward-thinking entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. We take a collaborative approach with prospective portfolio partners based on the shared objectives of accelerating growth and increasing liquidity with a special interest towards succession planning.

Our Focus

Long-Term Growth

Lazaret Capital invests in established companies, early stage financing and select start-ups. We are industry generalists with particular expertise in technology, construction and the construction services sectors. Minority equity position up to full ownership:

Investment Criteria

Canadian or U.S. based presence
Up to $20M in EBITDA
Small to medium-sized business
Sustainable, long-term industry growth outlook
No set hold period or investment horizon


Our team of expert advisors provide Lazaret Capital with market intelligence on emerging products, services and technologies, industry trends and attractive investment opportunities.